Eliminating Chronic Pain with Hanna Somatic Education

Too many people are waking up in pain everyday.  It’s happening more and more frequently.  There is a cultural shift that’s occurring that is leaving us less physically capable.  Our bodies are not supporting us the way they are meant to, literally collapsing inward on ourselves.  You have to learn how the human body is meant to move if you want to get yourself out of pain.  We are sitting far too often, we endure stress, and we are distracted constantly to really understand what is happening within our body.  We’ve lost the physical sensitivity to our body, and the result is a functional breakdown leading to back pain, hip pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, TMJ, and headache.  It’s all these symptoms and more, and if you just treat the symptoms, you’re not going to get better.  Not for a long time.

If you treat the root cause, Sensory Motor Amnesia, you can fix the problem.  You don’t have the problem fixed for you and that is the answer.  Creating autonomy, being able to react to stress and injury while while learning to really control movement IS the fix to most chronic pains.  Hanna Somatic Education is a very simple way to learn that process, improving your posture naturally and learning how to move your body in ways that build your body up, instead of unconsciously letting it break down.  And you take that knowledge with you.  Chronic pain is not an easy thing to fix, but is is fixable.  You can do it.  And like I said, there are way too many people that are living life quietly in chronic pain when they can do more for themselves than others can do for them.

I hope you take the time to learn this work.  Hanna Somatic Education training has a lot of answers for a lot of people.  I hope you are one of them.