How Does Somatics Work?

Do you have any of these symptoms?
• Headaches
• Neck and Shoulder Pain
• Lower-back Pain
• Sciatica
• Muscular Pain and Tension
• Insomnia
• Aches & Pains of Aging
• Any Similar Conditions

Are you tired of being tired?

If you experience shallow breathing, numbness in hands and feet, hip and leg pain,
increased curvature of the spine, muscular pain and spasms, arthritis, bursitis, stiffness,
decreased flexibility, or other common complaints, you could have a condition known as
Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA).

What is SMA?

With proper “retraining” of muscles and mind, you can regain range of motion and alleviate many of the symptoms you may be having. Sensory Motor Amnesia occurs when you learn to hold yourself tightly in reaction to pain, injury or emotional stress, causing your brain to forget how to sense or experience muscles in your body. Your muscles function improperly because strong reflex messages from the brain cause them to involuntarily overcontract. Chronically contracted muscles become sore and painful, weak from constant use, or cause general fatigue. The result is tight muscles that often hurt, or cause joints to ache. Tight muscles that distort posture, cause stiffness and contribute to chronic fatigue. There are many causes of SMA. An injury or surgery may have caused you to tighten the involved areas. Stress causes you to tighten muscles as well. Also, the passage of time takes its toll on all of us. The good news is that with somatics, the effects of SMA are often reversible and freedom of movement is restored.

How does Somatics work?

Somatic Education can reverse the effects of SMA and restores flexibility through pain
free movements to help increase your brain’s motor output and override reflex patterns.
It is a system of neuromuscular education (mind-body training) that enables you to enjoy
freedom from pain and more comfortable movement for the rest of your life.

What can you expect?

Our trained somatic educator, Danny Burke, will conduct your sessions. At LifeSomatics, we will work with you to help you develop a more accurate sense of your body, and recondition your muscle control. For most people, this mind-body experience relieves pain and improves freedom of movement. All of the Somatic Movements are within normal limits of your body’s range of motion, and under your control. You are never asked to complete any uncomfortable movement. At LifeSomatics, our somatic sessions are filled with gentle, comfortable, specific and naturally occurring movement sequences. We recommend you commit to four or five sessions, and reevaluate as your program progresses. Through a series of one hour individual private sessions, you will be guided through slowmotion movements that relax tight muscles, strengthen weak ones and improve coordination. We suggest you wear loose, comfortable, nonrestrictive clothing for ease of movement during your sessions. You’ll be given specific movement exercises to do at home. They are designed to continue your improvement and help prevent the recurrence of problems. This self-care program takes about 15 minutes a day in the privacy of your own home and requires no special equipment. But it is an integral part of your improvement and is the key to long-term results. LifeSomatics’ ultimate goal is to move you toward your own self-care program.